Papers of VizBi ’14 keynote by Jeff Heer

Screen Shot 2014-03-09 at 7.46.53 PMLast week I attended the Visualizing Biological Data (VizBi) conference in Heidelberg. According to the website the mission of the conference is to “ bring together scientists, illustrators, and designers actively using or developing computational visualization to study a diverse range of biological data.”. I can only say the organisers more than succeeded in this mission, it was indeed a very interdisciplinary, creative and interactive crowd. The first keynote of VizBi ’14 was presented by Jeffrey Heer from the University of Washington, since the papers he referred to are mostly published in non-PubMed journals I tried to collect links to the pdfs here. Update: Added two more references supplied by Heer.

01_Principles of Data Visualization
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