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3D printing: Prevent wrapping with ABS

UM22A common problem when 3D printing with ABS is the wrapping that occurs when printing larger objects. Wrapping is the bending of the outsides of the printed object due to shrinkage of the ABS when it cools down. There are already plenty solutions around (ie  this instructables  where Kapton tape is used) but I found this one working particularly well without any Kapton tape.

I found it works best to dissolve left over pieces of ABS in acetone and let is dissolve for about an hour (preferably use a glass jar since acetone dissolves several common plastics). The resulting solution becomes pitch black and is a bit viscous. Next heat up the glass bed (110 °C) of the printer and apply a thin layer of ABS around the outline of your print. Watch out for the fumes of acetone, since acetone is a very very flammable liquid! Use a ventilated room.

When the first layer of the brim is printed, add drops of the ABS solution on the corners of the brim. This will partly dissolve the brim but makes is stick even better to the plate.


Note that this ONLY works with ABS and not with PLA because PLA does not dissolve in acetone.


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